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Since I have memory, I can remember art being a part of life. Remember how we all used to make stick people drawings to depict our family members, animals and basically anything our mind could create. That is my most basic principal.


Creativity is the driving force of everything I do. Why do we have to settle for the ordinary, the traditional, the common the same thing? No, that is not me. I like to create, to modify, to customize and to try to be unique.


This is the summary of what I am and what I do.

 I am just a simple person who loves to create uniqueness in the form of my art. At first it was just a hobby, a pass time and now it has become a passion. My goal is to leave my mark in this world, to express my creativity and uniqueness long after I cease to exist. To be immortalized through my art and I will persist until I reach my goal. The limits of what I am and what I do are undefined. I will let my creativity flow and continue to create limitless without confinement. The possibilities are endless.  

I will incorporate my art in anything and everything I can. Why settle for the ordinary you can have uniqueness. This is page showcases most, but not all my work my art can be used in everyday applications:

SCULPTURE                              TABLES
CHAIRS                                    STOOLS
FOUNTAINS                              DOORS
GATES                                      LAMPS
SIGNS                                      BEDS                 SECURITY  BARS                       etc.    

These are some of the ideas and pieces, share your ideas and see them become a reality!

My work is availble for purchase at you convenience at: